The automatic WilTell watch , 100% produced in Switzerland!


The watch WilTell was born from a long reflection, keeping in mind the new Swiss legislation which came into effect on January 1st, 2017 and where the Swiss components must account 60% value of the watch, no need to say that the movement, if it is automatic, only by itself accounts these 60% and that all other components, in such the visible parts of the watch, the case, the dial, the hands, the leather strap or the bracelet, etc can come from another country and currently mainly from Asia.

It is during Spring time of 2016, that idea was coming alive in the head of Eddy Burgener, independent watch designer, to produce a watch entirely manufactured in Switzerland and at a moderate price; utopian or unrealistic bet? Not anymore, considering that the watch exists today and bears the brand WilTell, condensed name of a Swiss legend Wilhelm Tell.

As of the emergent idea, Eddy Burgener called upon his brother Francois, previous product development director of a famous watch company, in order to present his approach and his ideas of manufacturing the watch.

Then it is a long research, which begins, rich in tricky situation, to manage to bring together all the actors and manufacturers of this project, to realize each component and at the end it is 14 partners, all located in the Swiss Jura area, whom contribute and work with the development of the watch WilTell.

A so called ZERO serie is launched in order to get a reliable product by carrying out wearing tests, precision as well as waterproofness and the behavior of the watch in time, the evolution of the leather strap, etc.

Once the product has been developed, it was necessary to approach the downstream part of the watch, in which, the communication and promotion. Eddy Burgener called upon his daughter Ottavia, teacher and lecturer in marketing and sales, to approach the themes of the environment of the WilTell watch ; thus long discussion for well understanding and knowledge of the product.

A great adventure, with many obstacles of any kind, but which led to a coherent and authentic product where the respect of the values and the transparency are the guaranee of the watch WilTell.