Wilhelm Tell (in French Guillaume Tell) is a hero of the independence of Switzerland. Probably legendary figure, nevertheless he would have lived in the canton of Uri on the lakesides of the lake of Lucerne.

The imperial baillif of Schwytz and Uri, in the service of Habsbourg, whom try to reaffirm their authority in the area, Hermann Gessler gave an order to set up a mast surmounted by his hat, demanding that the inhabitants greet it as if it were indeed present by himself. Wilhelm Tell passes in front of the hat by ignoring it. Gessler then condemns him to shoot an arrow from his crossbow in an apple set on the head of his son Walter what it does with great precision. Thereafter, Tell kills Gessler with an arrow of his crossbow in full heart whereas he was passing in the hollow alley (Hohle Gasse) located between Küssnacht and Immensee.

The account caused many historical controversies relating to its authenticity. Today, the history is rather held like a legend.

But Wilhelm Tell, whether or not, he is a character of legend, incarnates still today the Swiss spirit, his combativeness, his tenacity and the very Swiss will to forge a powerful ideal.

Thus we thought of this Swiss historical character “par excellence”, a whole patriotic symbol and the brand WilTell (condensed of Wilhelm Tell) was deposited and registered in class 14 of the Nice section (watches, clocks and jewellery) and interesting to say, that the originator of the WilTell watch has origins, on the side of his maternal grandfather, at the shore of the lake of Lucerne, fatherland of Wilhelm Tell; the loop is then buckled!